Algeria has experienced heavy downpour recently, resulting in devastating floods. Photo: AA

Two men have died after the vehicle they were travelling in got swept away by floods on June 3 at Beigha area in Laghouat Province, north of Algeria, local media report.

Last week, Algeria witnessed heavy rainfall, which resulted in devastating floods in multiple provinces across the country.

Witnesses say the driver attempted to navigate through a flooded river, but lost control of the vehicle after it was hit by heavy water currents.

The civil protection authorities in Algeria have also confirmed that four individuals died in separate flooding incidents in Saïda Province. At least 30 people, who had been trapped by floodwaters in the district of Héliopolis, have been rescued.

Fifteen people were evacuated to safety after being marooned by floods in agricultural fields in Basbas, El Tarf. Others were also rescued in Lazrou Municipality, in the northern province of Batna.

Since the end of May, the agency has carried out repeated interventions including rescues and evacuations in the provinces of Algiers, Blida, Tébessa, Oum El Bouaghi, Tipaza, Boumerdes, El Tarf, Batna and Guelma.

The flooding is unprecedented, as most of the rainfall occurs between October and April, and should have thinned out by this time of the year.

Climate change has been cited by activists as the cause of the irregular weather patterns.

The World Bank predicts that rainfall in the region will increase by 41 per cent by 2050.

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