Burkina Faso Ibrahim Traore thanked Russia for its support to African countries 'since time of decolonisation'. Photo: Reuters

Burkina Faso's junta leader Ibrahim Traore has assured Russia of his country's friendship as the two countries try to boost ties in various areas.

Russian President Vladimir Putin met with a delegation from Burkina Faso in St Petersburg on Saturday after the conclusion of Russia-Africa summit which took place from Thursday to Friday.

The Burkina Faso interim President Traore sought the support of Russia as relations between his country and Western countries continues to soar.

“There is a desire to change politics which leads us to turn our backs to our traditional partners and turn towards our true friends like Russia, who supported us from the times of decolonisation until today,” Traore told President Putin.

Captain Traore also appealed to Russia to help his country establish a nuclear plant in order to meet its energy needs and also sell electricity to neighbouring countries.

“We have a critical need for energy, this is an important point for me because we need, if possible, to build a nuclear power station in Burkina Faso to produce electricity. Our position is rather strategic because we are in the heart of West Africa and we have an energy deficit in the sub region,'' he said.

Russia-Ukraine conflict

The junta leader explained that if such a nuclear station is set up in Burkina Faso, it will help the West African sub-region in energy supply. He also expressed his support for Russia in its ongoing conflict with Ukraine.

“I can assure you that with the situation that Russia is currently experiencing with its special military operation, you have the support of Burkina Faso, its people, and its government,” Traore said.

Russian President Vladimir Putin met African leaders at the second Russia-Africa Summit earlier this week during which they discussed issues of cooperation between the continent and Russia.

There were also bilateral talks with leaders of individual African countries on the sidelines of the summit. During summit, the African leaders urged President Putin to support their mediation plan towards ending Russia's conflict with Ukraine.

They also called on Russia to renew a Türkiye-brokered deal crucial to Africa on the safe wartime export of Ukrainian grain, which Moscow tore up last week. Vladimir Putin promised free grain export to African countries.

TRT Afrika and agencies