Nigeria has been battling cybercrime for years. Photo: Getty Images

A Nigerian man convicted of impersonating a US soldier in an internet scam has been sentenced to two years in jail, Nigeria's anti-corruption agency has said.

Jesse Joshua Kassah pleaded guilty to the charge when he appeared before a court on Monday in the northern state of Kaduna.

The authorities said he had falsely presented himself as Devaun Smith Wayne, an alleged US military personnel and ticket salesman on Facebook, to defraud his victims.

It's unclear how many people fell prey to the scam, but he was arrested after approaching one of his would-be victims who alerted the authorities.

He was given an option of paying 150,000 Naira ($180) fine instead of the jail term.

Nigeria has been battling internet scammers who have made the West African country a hub of catfishing - the act of impersonating online as part of a romantic or financial scam.

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