The opposition leader called off the demonstrations in a media address on Sunday evening  AA

Opposition leader Raila Odinga has urged for non-parliamentary parties to be included in President William Ruto's proposed talks on electoral reform, opposing Ruto's plan for negotiations to be held only within parliament.

Odinga on Sunday agreed to the talks after being asked to halt the recent protests, which have seen thousands of Kenyans take to the streets over high living costs and claims of fraud in the last presidential elections.

During a visit to Kigali on Tuesday, Ruto reiterated his position for the talks to be held within parliament. However, Odinga warned of fresh protests if there was no progress toward the opposition's demands, including an audit of the elections.

"We shall go back to the people at the earliest sign of lack of seriousness by the other side," he said.

Foreign observers, including the US Embassy in Kenya, joined local leaders in welcoming the talks to prevent further disruption in East Africa's largest economy.

Odinga wants talks similar to those that ended post-election violence in 2008, and ushered in a national unity government.

"To this end, the coalition proposes a team drawn from its ranks both in Parliament and outside (parliament)," he said.

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