Kenya's Satellite is due to be launched from the US. Photo/Kenya Space Agency

Kenyan Space Agency says the launch of the country’s first operational observatory satellite to space will be delayed to Wednesday 12th April.

'Taifa 1' which means 'One Nation' in kiswahili was scheduled to be sent to space on Tuesday by SpaceX at 9.44am( EAT).

The launch will be aboard a FALCON-9 Rocket, from Vandernberg base in California, USA.

According to a statement by the Kenya Space Agency, SpaceX which is the company launching the satellite, has said there was “unfavorable upper-level wind conditions that would affect the rocket’s flight trajectory.”

The company designs, manufactures and launches rockets and spacecraft.

The satellite fitted with a camera will monitor weather, floods, crop condition and effects of climate change.

The Kenyan Space Agency says the delay of the launch of ‘Taifa 1’ also affects other countries that are using the same transporter.

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