Senators say President Emmanuel Macron's policy has fueled anti-French sentiment in Africa. Photo: AA

A group of 94 French senators have written an open letter to President Emmanuel Macron in which they criticized the government over its Africa policy, which has triggered anti-French sentiment in the continent.

The letter, published Monday by the French daily Le Figaro, called on Macron to review France's policy in Africa.

The senators noted that the failure of Operation Barkhane was in great part the reason why France and its economic, political and military presence are now rejected in Mali, Burkina Faso, Niger and the Central African Republic.

Operation Barkhane was France's anti-insurgent operation in Africa’s Sahel region which started in August 2014 and formally ended in November last year.

"Today, the Francafrique of yesterday has been replaced by the military Russafrique, the economic Chinafrique or the diplomatic Americafrique,” said the letter.

"Isn't it time to review our vision of Africa and its link with France?”

The letter concluded by calling the African continent a "friend" which is no longer understanding France and is increasingly contesting its role and its presence in the continent.

The criticism comes in the wake of a coup crisis in Niger that removed President Mohamed Bazoum from power.

There have been mass protests in the country in support of the coup with the protesters chanting anti-French slogans and even targeted the French embassy in Niamey.

TRT Afrika and agencies