Tiktok has recently come under scrutiny in several countries. Photo: Reuters

Morality police otherwise known as Hisbah in Nigeria’s Kano state have urged TikTok users to be respect societal values in their content.

TikoTokers should avoid posting ''inappropriate things'' on the social media platform, the head of Kano state Hisbah , Sheikh Aminu Daurawa said during a meeting with TikTok influencers on Monday.

Kano is among a dozen states in Nigeria where Sharia is practiced along with the country's secular laws.

TikTok has come under increasing scrutiny around the world including in Somalia, Senegal, India and the United States over morality and data privacy issues.

The platform is popular with young people in Nigeria, Africa's most populous country with millions of social media users.

Education and skills

The Hisbah recently arrested some popular TikTokers for breaching morality codes but released them after a reprimand.

“Part of the work of Hisbah is re-orientation so we can continue advising young people on how they will live decent lives without destroying their youthful time which they will regret in the future,” Sheikh Daurawa said.

He explained that anything that is posted on the internet cannot be permanently erased, hence the need for young people to be careful about how they use social media.

The authorities have also promised to sponsor the education of some young TikTokers as well as train those in need of vocational skills.

The influencers agreed to partner with the Kano state authorities to improve the way the platform is used in the region.

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