Eastern DRC has been troubled by militant insurgents for years now. / Photo: AFP

At least ten civilians died on Tuesday during an attack in eastern DR Congo, local sources said, blaming the Allied Democratic Forces (ADF) rebel group.

"This morning, the ADF raided Mangodomu (in the Mangina commune, Beni territory), to visibly stock up on medicine and food," the mayor of Mangina, Emmanuel Kathembo Salamu, said.

"They set fire to a pavilion at the health centre, looted the stories and burned down the houses."

Salamu blamed the ADF, originally a Ugandan group established in eastern DR Congo in 1995.

Thousands of victims

Its adherents have since killed thousands of civilians.

"The army is in contact with the enemy. Psychosis reigns here," the mayor said.

The ADF attacked the Mangodomu district mid-morning, said Muongozi Kakule Vunyatsi of A Mangina civil society association.

He gave a provisional death toll of 10 civilians, including a patient at the health centre.

Late intervention

Captain Antony Mwalushayi, an army spokesperson for the region, did not confirm the toll but stressed that the DR Congo's armed forces (FARDC) had "neutralised four terrorists" and "freed four young girls" who had been kidnapped.

"The army's intervention arrived a little late, our soldiers here in Mangina do not even have a vehicle for their interventions," said Nicaisse Kasereka, president of the commune's "youth parliament".

In late 2021, the Ugandan and Congolese armies launched a joint military operation against the ADF but they have failed to stop their attacks.

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