President Paul Kagame signed the new order on service fees on December 4, 2023. / Photo: (Reuters)

The Rwandan government has waived application fees for at least ten services, including property transfer, permit for construction in the rural setting, and birth certificates.

Transfer of home and land ownership are among the services that will not attract any application fee, according to a gazette notice signed by President Paul Kagame on December 4.

Land registration, authorisation to renovate a building, authorisation to erect a fence around a building, constructing a home in the village, death certificate, authorisation to produce charcoal and clay bricks, authorisation for forest harvesting, and guardianship certificate application will not attract any fees under the new guidelines.

Kagame said that applicants must, however, request for them from the relevant authorities.

Old fees

Previously, applicants paid 20,000 Rwandan francs ($16) for property ownership transfer, 5,000 francs ($4) to build in the villages, 2,000 francs ($1.60) for guardianship certificate, and 1,200 francs ($0.96) for death certificates.

The other services were previously charged between 1,200 francs ($0.96) and 5,000 francs ($4).

The new directive on zero payment has already taken effect.

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