South Africans have been living with persistent power cuts for years. Photo: AP

The South African government has vowed to appeal against the high court’s decision ordering it to ensure that hospitals and schools are cushioned from regular blackouts.

The State argues that power disruptions are unintentional.

According to the country’s power firm, Eskom, it is technically impossible to isolate specific buildings from load-shedding in a particular area.

Last week, the High Court in Pretoria ruled that crucial amenities such as hospitals, schools, police stations and health clinics should be removed from the list of facilities subjected to load-shedding.

Judge Norman Davis gave the Department of Public Enterprises 60 days to implement the ruling.

The department supervises Eskom, which had recently announced that load-shedding would occur from 4pm on May 7 until further notice.

The power distributor said the failure of several electricity-generating units prompted the rationing.

Since 2007, South Africa has struggled to manage an energy crisis that has led to widespread national blackouts.

Eskom says additional power stations and generators would ease the crisis.

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