Rescue efforts are ongoing to find the missing in Buluganya parish. /Photo: Uganda Red Cross Society 

Five people have been killed and several others are missing following a landslide in Bulambuli district in Uganda due to heavy rains, the Uganda Red Cross says.

“Our Emergency Response Section released an urgent call for response in Buluganya, Bumasobo - Bulambuli district following heavy rains that caused a landslide”, they revealed on Twitter on Thursday.

Public relations officer of the Uganda Red Cross, Irene Nakasiita told local media a few homes were buried in the incident and emergency services were working with the local community in the rescue operation.

The number of casualties is yet to be confirmed as search and rescue operations continue.

Uganda has been experiencing heavy rains since March.

Six people were killed earlier this month in landslides in the southwestern Kisoro district.

The Uganda Red Cross says other regions of the country affected by flooding and landslides include Kagulu, Masugu, Namakere and Namagugu.

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