Tunisian President Kais Saied says Palestine has a right to exist and be formally recognised. / Photo: AFP

Tunisia convened a crucial security meeting on Wednesday following a deadly attack on a hospital in Gaza on Tuesday, resulting in the deaths of hundreds of people.

President Kais Saied has urged the international community to enforce humanitarian law that would protect Palestinians against external aggression, particularly from Israel.

"They put these laws in place (and) then turned their backs on them," Saied said during the country's security council meeting on Wednesday.

"What would be the pretext for any capital across the globe when children are targeted in houses and hospitals?" he posed.

Saied said the Tunisian government and its people were fully behind Palestine.

'Atrocities and genocides'

The Tunisian people have the right to express their "constant position" in regard to the Palestinian people, he said.

Saied added that the world was "going through hard times", and that "atrocities and genocides" were being committed "daily against Palestinians in their occupied territories."

The Tunisian leader said he was concerned by the "utter and complicit silence of the international community" as Palestinians in Gaza continue to suffer immensely under Israeli airstrikes.

Saied said the international community should support Palestine's push to recover its annexed land and help in the establishment of Palestine an independent state in compliance with a past UN resolution.

Need for action

"All people with the universal human values need to act in order to bring an end to these massacres. This is no time for statements of condemnation and indignation," the Tunisian president said.

"For decades, there have only been meetings, largely fruitless, in the wake of genocides targeting the Palestinian people."

Gaza has been under constant airstrikes by Israel after Hamas fighters launched an offensive in southern Israel on October 7.

On Tuesday, at least 470 people were killed at the Al Ahli Baptist Hospital in northern Gaza after Israel hit the facility with an airstrike, triggering worldwide condemnation.

Hananya Naftali, the aide of Israel's Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, at first admitted in a tweet that Israel was responsible for the deadly air raid before deleting the post and blaming an international media organisation for "misleading" him.

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