WorldCoin users claim crypto coins, in exchange for eyeball scans / Photo: Reuters

By Yasemin Bayındır

Cryptocurrency project Worldcoin has set a new all-time high in its price months after it sparked data privacy concerns in African cities where it was launched.

Worldcoin is trading at over $6 on the strength of the launch of OpenAI's Sora AI model that lets users turn text into video, according to reports.

The crypto project is a blockchain-based digital identification enterprise that verifies individuals' identity by scanning their retinas with orbs.

In August 2023, it was launched only in two African countries, Kenya and Uganda, where its lure of scanning eyeballs in exchange for about $45 worth of cryptocurrency saw tens of thousands of people flock to registration sites.

But Kenya quickly shut down the service indefinitely in August 2023 over data privacy concerns and raided its local office as part of a larger investigation.

Interior Minister Kithure Kindiki said the suspension would remain in place "until relevant public agencies certify the absence of any risks".

The Worldcoin Foundation said demand for a World ID in Kenya had been "overwhelming" and as a precaution, verification services had been "temporarily paused".

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