Elon Musk took over Twitter in 2022. / Photo: Reuters

Former staff members of Twitter, now known as X, have been compensated by the company more than one year after they were dismissed from their jobs.

The workers who operated from the company’s Africa office based in Ghana’s capital, Accra, had threatened to take X to court for failing to pay them redundancy money.

Agency Seven Seven, the company providing legal representation to the staff, said it had successfully led negotiations for the former staff ‘’in their quest for a fair settlement and repatriation expenses for foreign staff’’.

Musk closed his acquisition of Twitter in October 2022 in a deal worth roughly $44 billion and has since rebranded it X.

In November 2022, he said he planned to cut half of the company's workforce in a bid to cut costs.

Agency Seven Seven said the team enforced their right under Ghana’s Labour Act of 2003, which required employers ‘’to file a notice with the Chief Labour Officer of Ghana and then engage in settlement negotiations with affected staff before implementing a redundancy exercise.’’

Under Ghanaian employment law, staff must be paid redundancy and should be granted three months’ notice before they are made redundant.

The fired Twitter’s workers in Ghana, say they were given less than a month before their dismissal in November 2022.

X has not publicly commented on the news.

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