Besides voice and text communication, Kenyans use smartphones for social networking and reading news. / Photo: Getty Images

For the first time in Kenya, the number of smartphones in users' hands is higher than that of feature phones.

The Communications Authority of Kenya (CA) says that there were 32,631,924 smartphones in Kenya between July and September 2023, while feature phones were 32,040,928.

The statistics show that there are some 590,996 more smartphones than feature phones in the East African nation.

In the previous quarter (April to June 2023), there were more feature phones in Kenya than smartphones.

Leading smartphone market

The CA data shows that during that period, there were 32,140,606 feature phones, while smartphones were 30,793,395, a difference of nearly 1.35 million devices.

Kenya, which has about 53 million people, is one of Africa's leading smartphone markets, and also a leading internet-user country on the continent.

E-commerce, social media networking, and access to news are some of the main uses of the internet in the East African nation.

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