Farida Tiemtoré

By Firmain Eric Mbadinga

Farida Tiemtoré, a young woman passionate about women advancement in Burkina Faso, is determined to make a positive impact in her community.

''My passion guides not only my professional commitment, but every aspect of my life," she tells TRT Afrika.

Farida has been creating awareness among young women, under the banner of Heroines of Faso, on how to improve their living conditions.

Her passion for advocacy started in her high school days, but she shot to fame in 2019 when she established a blog, which two years later was transformed into an association to give voice to women's issues.

‘’As the founding president of a girls' association, I have gained valuable experience in advocacy, community mobilization and project management.

"My professional and personal commitment converge towards a single goal: to help create a Burkina Faso that is fairer and more inclusive for all, where women's fundamental rights are promoted,'' she says.

Farida Tiemtoré holds seminars with young women to create awareness on gender rights. Photo / TRT Afrika

The members of the Heroines of Faso association have been holding training sessions to educate and empower women.

"We work to ensure that women and girls have equal access to quality care and relevant information,'' Tiemtoré says.

"We actively combat gender-based violence by offering support to victims and advocating policies to protect the rights of women and girls," explains Tiemtoré.

Burkina Faso has been battling a decade-long insurgency that has left about a third of the country under the control of militants.

A recent report by an aid agency, Oxfam, estimated that more than a million women and girls in the country faced increased gender-based violence, hunger and water shortage as a result of the conflict.

In October 2023, the Heroines of Faso association launched the "School of Heroes" programme to provide educational assistance to children whose parents have enlisted to the Volunteers for the Defence of the Fatherland (VDP) - a volunteer group that fight alongside the military against armed militants.

Farida Tiemtoré's group is sponsoring the education of children whose parents have joined the fight against militants. Photo / TRT Afrika

''We want every child from VDP (families) to wake up in the morning with a smile of hope, knowing that they are loved, supported and that they have a promising future ahead of them," Tiemtoré told local journalists when handing over the school kits to the beneficiaries.

The association will cover the school fees for 15 children for the 2024/2025 school calendar year.

On International Women's Day, the association organised a training session for women on soap-making as part of its programme for ''hygiene and training in income-generating activities,'' she says.

"The association's Young Leading Conference programme offers young people a dynamic platform where bold ideas come to life, where our country's challenges find solutions, and where intergenerational links are strengthened," adds the advocate.

In 2019, the Heroines of Faso blog won the Coup de cœur des internautes prize and the prize for best community blogger at the Burkina Golden Blog Awards.

To fund its activities, the association relies on the generosity of volunteers, donors, and supporters who are sympathetic to its cause.

The association is delighted with the support of the local authorities in carrying out its missions and programmes in the field.

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