Some of the arts depict icons like Nigerian Nobel Laurete, Wole Soyinka:Photo/TRT Afrika

Lagos, Nigeria’s commercial capital, has hosted a vibrant art exhibition nicknamed '+234Arts' to showcase different works of art.

The exhibition took place from March 22 to March 31 in the Ikoyi district of Lagos.

The works on display are on different subjects:Photos/TRT Afrika

The show with theme 'A New Heritage' was aimed at encouraging local artists and boost the country's rich talent and cultural heritage.

The art exhibition also highlighted social issues. Photo/TRT Afrika

The exhibition was an avenue to strengthen collaboration between emerging artists and established ones, according to Osemedua Iweluma, a volunteer with Soto Gallery, which organised the event.

Organisers of the art fair in Lagos aimed to change stereotypes about Nigeria. Photo/TRT Afrika

He said the exhibition covered various works depicting or deconstructing, real or or imagined historical themes regarding Africa's most populous country.

One of the aims was to change negative narratives and stereotypes about Nigeria.

The art exhibition in Lagos took place from March 22 to 31. Photo: TRT Afrika

The exhibition also hoped to promote “art buying as a way of increasing the economies of arts through our burgeoning local art sector and internationally,'' Iweluma tells TRT Afrika.

The art fair brought encourages collaboration between emerging and established artists. Photo/TRT Afrika

The show was “committed to providing platform where artists and collectors promote the value of contemporary Nigerian art,” organisers said.

The organizers say they hope their platform will give more artists more visibility. Photo/TRT Afrika

The various works of art displayed covered social, cultural, political and infrastructural issues among others.

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