Many fans have congratulated Zuchu for her YouTube views record. Photo: Zuchu/Twitter

By Pauline Odhiambo

This is yet another milestone for the award-winning artist Zuchu whose record streak began last year with her hit song ‘Sukari’ surpassing one million views on YouTube within 22 hours.

Now the cumulative views of her songs have reached 500 million making her the female artist with most-watched songs in East African contemporary music scene.

Zuchu celebrated her new milestone in style, with her music team organising a ''surprise'' party for her where a YouTube themed cake was served with champagne.

Billion ambition

She posted a clip of the celebration on her Instagram page with the caption “Road to 1 billion,” thanking her fans and her music team for their support.

“I love my team. I didn’t even know that we had already reached 500 million Views on Youtube. They planned this surprise for me,” she stated before ending the post with a flexed bicep emoji.

Some of her nearly six million followers quickly responded to the news with congratulatory messages. Some say they're “proud'' of her while others lauded her rapid rise to fame.

Zuchu has broken YouTube views record among female artists in East Africa. Photo: Zuchu/Twitter

“With Zuchu, it was only a matter of time. She is a wonderful singer and entertainer who performs in her own language and style giving her a real edge. I am glad the rest of the world is starting to recognize that” said Grace Wangui, a fan in Kenya.

Another fan, Francisca Obara said “It’s a well-deserved win. She is consistently creative and makes her audience have fun with music, be it in her dancing or lyrical prowess.”

The award-winning singer is signed by the record company WCB, which is owned by artist Diamond Platnumz, who has also won multiple awards Africa and Europe in his singing career.

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