During the AK Party's two decades rule, Türkiye’s assertive foreign policy has echoed Erdogan’s global vision. / Photo: AA Archive

Türkiye's Justice and Development (AK) Party has won every election since its establishment in 2001, President Recep Tayyip Erdogan has said.

"We have come to these days by coming first in every election we entered in this journey that we started with the promise of 'Nothing will be the same in Türkiye anymore'," Erdogan said on Monday in a video message to mark the 22nd anniversary of the AK Party's establishment.

Founded on August 14, 2001, the party burst onto the political scene under the leadership of Erdogan, who became prime minister in 2003 and has served as president since 2014.

Hailing the recent victory at parliamentary and presidential elections in May, Erdogan said: "I believe that this election process, which once again defeated those who see themselves above the national will, will have a special place in our political history."

Erdogan called on AK Party members to work around the clock to prepare for the upcoming 2024 local elections that is expected to be held in March.

During the AK Party's 21 years in power, Erdogan said it has produced works and services that will make every inch of Türkiye fertile, adding that "This is the most important reason behind our success in elections."

"Today, just as we celebrate our 22nd birthday with the pride of the victory in the 14-28 May elections, hopefully, we will reach our 23rd anniversary with the joy of the March 31, 2024 election victory," he added.

'Serving both God and the people'

Head of Türkiye's Communications Directorate, Fahrettin Altun, celebrated the party's founding anniversary with a statement on Twitter.

"I congratulate the anniversary of the AK Party, which has continued its path with honourable and virtuous politics, dedication to serving the people, commitment to democracy, justice, and development without compromise, making significant contributions to Türkiye's progress," he said.

"In a manner rarely seen in world political history, the AK Party's consistent victories and growth in all elections it has entered reflect its strong place in the hearts of our people."

Altun stated that he believes that the AK Party will continue to strengthen its place in the affection of the Turkish nation "characterised by unity instead of division, commitment to serving both God and the people, standing firm against terrorism and domination, pursuing resolute and honourable diplomacy on the international stage," under the leadership of President Recep Tayyip Erdogan.

"Here's to many more years of serving our country with countless accomplishments," he said.

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