TRT Arabi correspondent posted, "We continue to cover and convey the truth!"

Israeli extremists have attempted to prevent TRT Arabi correspondent in Tel Aviv from covering the protests against Israeli government that demanded ceasefire and prisoner exchange.

Israeli protesters and relatives of Israeli captives in Gaza closed the main highway in Tel Aviv on Saturday protesting against Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu's far-right government for its rejection of a ceasefire and a mutual prisoner exchange agreement in Gaza.

Following the attack by Jewish extremists that interrupted the live coverage, TRT Arabi correspondent Fehmi Shtewe posted on X saying, "Once again, Israelis attack us live, this time from the heart of Tel Aviv, attempting to prevent us from reporting on the Israeli street's angry protests against the war on Gaza and the failure to achieve war goals after 127 days! We continue to cover and convey the truth!"

It is not the first time, TRT Arabi correspondents are attacked by Israeli extremists or soldiers.

Last October, Israeli army team attacked a TRT Arabi crew along the Israel-Lebanon border when it was on assignment covering the flare-up between Israel and Hamas.

The Israeli force pushed, attempted to hit, used profanity, and threatened to kill the TRT Arabi crew on the spot.

TRT Arabi correspondent Muhammad Khairy said that the army personnel attacked him and the crew accompanying him by pushing them and attacking the car, which had a badge indicating that it belonged to a press crew.

Attacks against Palestinian journalists

Since the beginning of the Israeli war on October 7, Israel has killed 124 journalists and media professionals in different areas of Gaza, according to data from the Palestinian government media office.

The number of journalists who lost their lives as a result of the ongoing Israeli attacks on Gaza exceeded the total number of journalists killed in the world in 2021 and 2022.

At dawn on Saturday, Israel destroyed the independent Press House building west of Gaza City, an incubator for journalists and media persons, according to local media reports.

The partial Israeli withdrawal from several areas west of Gaza City revealed the destruction of the Press House, an independent, non-profit, non-representative Palestinian media institution.

It was established in 2013 at the initiative of “a group of independent journalists in an effort to promote freedom of opinion and expression, support independent media, and provide legal protection for journalists in Palestine,” as stated on its website.

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