New York City has received some 100,000 migrants since last spring.  Photo: AA

New York Mayor Eric Adams appealed Thursday to President Joe Biden to expedite work authorization for asylum seekers in the city.

"Let them work! Give them the opportunity to contribute to our society," Adams said at a press conference, hosting a rally in Manhattan attended by union officials, other city leaders and several migrants.

"We're saying we must expedite work visas. It's just common sense. Thousands of jobs are available to be filled, to provide the services we need in the city, this state, in this country," he added.

Some 100,000 migrants have arrived in the city since last spring, according to the mayor.

"Migrants want to work but cannot. They want to become self-sufficient, but they cannot. They want to make a better life for themselves, but they cannot. Why? Because city officials have asked for expedited work authorizations from the federal government, but they have not received a reply. New Yorkers need answers and results, and we need them now," he said.

New York City Council's leadership also appealed to the federal government to expedite migrant work permits.

"As an increasing number of people seeking asylum in the United States arrive in our city, it is critical that they be permitted to work legally to support themselves, their families, and our city," it said in a statement, according to ABC News.

A day earlier, New York Gov. Kathy Hochul met Biden administration officials, urging more support after publicly calling on Biden for faster work authorizations. She left the meeting hopeful yet unsatisfied, deeming the aid insufficient to tackle the crisis fully.