Tens of protesters marched to the Niger presidential palace to push for the release of President Mohamed Bazoum. Photo: TRT Afrika

Niger's presidential guards have fired warning shots to disperse demonstrators protesting over the detention of President Mohamed Bazoum by members of the elite unit.

Bazoum’s supporters tried to approach the presidential complex where the head of state is being held by presidential guards, but scattered when the shots were fired, AFP news agency reports.

The protesters said on Wednesday that they are against the “coup attempt” in Niger. Photo: TRT Afrika

Tens of supporters had marched to the presidential palace in the capital Niamey to push for the release of Bazoum, who has been confined by the presidential guards in what is believed to be a coup attempt.

Bazoum had earlier said in a statement that he and his family were safe.

Several quarters, including the United Nations, African Union, European Union and the West African regional bloc ECOWAS, have condemned the “attempted coup”, warning it would jeopardise peace and stability in Niger, a country that has witnessed four coups in the past.

TRT Afrika and agencies